Waiting for the blossoming

InfiorescenzeI just got back from Pecking, and I am still under the effect of the tiring 8 days I spent in China, but as always when I come back from a a trip abroad, I like to take a tour of the vineyards, to see and check the situation. Finally the temperature is pleasant, the vines devoloped fast. The soil is still humid 15cm deep, and this does nothing but helping the growth of the vines. The inflorenscences are well visible, and in 2 weeks, the blossoming will start, a very delicate moment in the growth cycle of the vine. The month of June will be one when a lot of manual work will be necessary in the vineyards, there is a lot of grass, the vines grow fast and have to be put in the wires, to make it possible for the vines to grow in height, benefitting of the sun as much as they can.