We’re Changing


Yesterday I was in Magna hall, attending the speech of Ruggero Mazzilli, an agronomist who has practiced organic farming in vineyards for so many years that he has created the first three organic-districts in the Chianti Classico area. There was a crowd of more than a hundred local producers, who followed the simple and effective words of their speaker with great attention. There was the sensation of wanting to change, a silence and surreal attention.


During his speech, my thoughts came a mile a minute, piling up one over the other. Here are a few:

– Chemically weeding is bad manners

– What the heck have we been doing for the last 30 years?

– Monsanto and the other big “sisters” are the biggest sons of b—

– I am glad that I changed the way we work at the vineyard four years ago

– So they’ve been making fools of us?

– I am getting a organic certification but I am aware that it doesn’t matter. We will all be organic because it’s not my winery that needs to be organic, but the entire territory

– The future is the normality of organic farming

– I’m dreaming of the first Italian DOCG that is completely organic: Barolo

– All of the Langhe and Roero must abandon chemical weed killers and systemic treatments

– We can’t go against nature, she’s much stronger than us

– We are are a turning point

– Seeing producers laugh at jokes about wild cuttings is priceless

– Shame on the wine school that I attended for six years, which continues to chemically weed. This is what they’re teaching young students?

After the meeting I met with many inspired looks, the words of Ruggero had roused their spirits and made the agriculturists aware that they need to follow nature more, rather than go against it. He wasn’t being a moralist, just concrete: quality brings earnings and the quality that you make respecting the territory is done with organic farming.


Change is in the air, the return to normality has already begun, now it’s in the producers hands to speed up the times.