Easter Tour at the Vineyard



The week before Easter is decidedly sunny, cool and unexpectedly windy, a climate situation that does not alarm us from the phytosanitary point of view. There will be rain on Easter and Easter Monday, so for this reason I have decided to carry out the first treatment tomorrow. The air is sparkling and it almost feels like harvesting season in mid-September, with sun-filled days and cold nights.


IMG_8062 IMG_8044  IMG_8046 IMG_8050

The vineyards are putting on a very good show, the plentiful water which fell during the winter is causing the buds to grow very quickly, the sown grains between the rows of vines are fundamental for balancing the soil. This is my fourth year of converting to organic practices, this return to normality seems more evident to me in 2014 compared to previous springs, if the photos aren’t enough for you, come and see to believe!