15 intense days – it’s ripening time!


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I say intense because, as always, mid-June is characterized by a lot of work in the fields that accumulates and often piles up. The blossoming has finished for the nebbiolo, barbera and dolcetto, while the nascetta has almost finished. We have to treat the clusters of grapes with sulfur to protect them from powdery mildew. We also have to trim the leaves to help the growing fruit acclimate to the sun. We mow between the rows and hoe under the the vines. In some of the more vigorous vineyards we have to get ready to prune and obviously always have our eyes on the sky and react to any possible rain.

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The heat is sultry, the temperature around 35 °C. After the cool and rainy April/May this sudden mugginess feels even stronger.

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I noticed that this year the barbera is ripening faster and has already surpassed both the nebbiolo and dolcetto. Obviously the nascetta exposed to the north will be the last to form its first bunches.

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For now we’ve had no phytosanitary problems, but we cannot let our guard down. Just last year attacks of powdery mildew occurred at the end of July when we thought the danger had passed.