Not just rain, but hail too…

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June and the first fifteen or so days of July were not fantastic months weather-wise for the Langa vineyards. Hot weather didn’t really show up. The rains were frequent and constant. We’ve done many treatments, almost one a week, and despite this we’ve had some leaves attacked by downy mildew, but for now nothing alarming. The situation was dramatically aggravated by hail six days ago, which included several towns in the Barolo area.

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It’s always a particular moment after hail. Today, after a walk through the vineyards, one could clearly see that the hailstones arrived from Barolo. The rows that face the valley were the most hit. I can say that the damage to my vines varies from 10 % to 30 %. This sort of irony requires that the most hit be one of my most important crus: the Briccolina. Alas! This is the second consecutive year that hail has hit this vineyard in Serralunga d’Alba. I hope the weather will be better for the next few weeks so that an infection won’t start among the bunches, drying out the affected grapes. As always we are powerless against these catastrophic atmospheric events. We can only interfere later and hope for better weather in August and September.

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