Will it be a Double N year?

IMG_9910 copia

Recently picked bunches of Nascetta

We have officially begun the 2014 harvest. This is, without a doubt, a complicated and delicate year, where a producer’s timing and decisions will have a fundamental effect on the quality of his wine. This is a year which will teach me a great deal. I have experienced 16 years of harvests first-hand and I’m used to hotter and drier summers/autumns than cold and rainy ones, so I’m going to be put to the test. The other day we began picking the Nascetta and it was in perfect condition, despite (or perhaps thanks to) the fact that our vineyard faces the north. Nascetta is a semi-late grape, so the cool weather together with the northern exposure of the vineyard helped the slow ripening of the grape and created an exceptional aromatic development.

IMG_9907 copia 2

On the contrary, Dolcetto, a precocious grape, suffered from this year’s meteorological trend. For the Barbera and Nebbiolo it’s still too early to make a prediction. The next few weeks will be decisive and give me hope for the Nebbiolo. In general 2014 has definitely been an expensive year for the numerous treatments in the vineyard, but they were necessary to re-stabilize the ideal conditions for the grape ripening.

Grappolo di dolcetto poco prima di essere pigiato

Dolcetto bunch just before being pressed

The title “Will it be a Double N year?” refers to the two varieties which I think may express themselves the best this year: Nebbiolo and Nascetta. We’ll see if I’m right!