2015: projects that are happening


2015 is starting off with great innovations.

Finally we can taste, appreciate, and above all critique two new white wines. They aren’t just wines, but they are proper projects which are being carried out today, devised years ago, retouched during experimentation, and finally ready.

The first project is Nascetta, which has showed us the way to go after seven years of testing: encouraging its fantastic ability to improve over time. And it is for this that starting in summer/autumn a new nascetta will be commercialized: 2013 was aged two years on fine lees, with a transition to cement vats for a few months. Minerality, freshness, and refinement will be its most important characteristics. Starting this year, therefore, we will always offer our Langhe Nascetta after at least two years of aging in the cellar.

The second project, ambitious and innovative, is called Kaskal: it’s a classic method with a nebbiolo base which will utilize only the final part of the bunch, taking advantage of the high acidity; the bottle fermentation will last at least 40 months. Our classic method is part of a larger project which will involve other businesses in the area suited for the production of nebbiolo and is scheduled to be presented to the public in October 2015.

Both wines are new, but they have roots in our past, since both nascetta and sparkling nebbiolo were produced and appreciated in the 1800s (see the winemaking book by Fantini).


Certainly we won’t forget the classic wines of our production such as the Barolo del comune di Serralunga 2011 and the Barolo Leon Riserva 2009, which will also help you appreciate a Barolo born during the hottest years, characterized by a great pleasantness and tannic softness. Don’t miss the Barolo Briccolina 2010, harvested on 30 October, characterized by a great refinement and tannic complexity, a Barolo for aging.

Foto Cartello

As you can see, 2015 will be rich with innovations that will arouse both your attention and palate.