Much, too much water…


I had never seen so many landslides in the hills of Langa before these last few days of heavy rain. It’s added up to the same amount of water fallen since last spring. We remember a humid and cold 2014 with the aggravation of the abundant snowfall of February 2015. Our clayish calcareous lands, famous for having a great absorbing capacity, are bursting with water. Streams have become rivers and there isn’t a road in Langa where you can’t see hydrogeological chaos. Provincial asphalt roads which sink, crumbling vineyards, ditches full of water. This is the view of the beginning of this spring which foretells the extensive work for the summer, to repair the damage caused by the rain. The following photos will give you an idea of what has occurred. We’re waiting for the sun with anxiety, waiting for heat and wind which could help us dry the lands of the entire southern Piedmont as soon as possible.
foto 2

foto 3 foto 4