Wake up!

IMG_1957 copia

After much suffering, the official arrival of spring is here. The wind of Foehn is sweeping in and drying the area. Nature awakes. First flowers appear on the greensward and the gems of our vineyards begin to move. Splendid days with colors that satisfy the eye. We are preparing for the beginning of the 2015 season.

IMG_1959 copia

In the middle of the vineyards: dandelions, clover, and forget-me-nots

IMG_1952 copia

The awakening of the nebbiolo gems

IMG_1963 copia

The two nascetta vineyards adjacent to the municipality of Sinio

IMG_1967 copia

Company compost made of broken brushwood, manure, and grape skins


IMG_1969 copia

Grassy soil waiting for the planting of nebbiolo expected for spring 2016

IMG_1970 copia

Our centennial apple tree “Madernassa”