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Post Nebbiolo Prima is always rich with comments from everyone. Sometimes it even grows into gossip, but I have to say that this time the press invited from all over the world was very perceptive. Everyone understood that there are innovations and winds of change in Langa. Certainly nebbiolo is always the center of attention, but many new projects outside of Barolo and Barbaresco are about to hit the market: from local white vine varieties like Nascetta to international ones like a bubbly Nebbiolo Riesling. In this conservative and traditionalist land there’s a desire to talk of other things.

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In this post I’ll introduce you to a new challenge we are undertaking with five other companies and our “guru” Sergio Molino. First I’ll introduce you to the beginning of this ambitious project. I’d like to say a few words about Sergio, a reserved enotechnician, gifted, extremely intelligent and illogical just like any artist should be. He is the father of this slightly crazy idea showcasing the least important part of the nebbiolo vine: the tip. This is usually the most acidic part of the bunch. It’s picked early in order to produce a great méthode champenoise sparkling wine. The rest of the bunch still attached to the plant continues to develop and, once mature, can start becoming a great Barolo. The other companies in the project are: La Kiuva (Valle d’Aosta), Travaglini of Gattinaram, the Langa natives Franco Conterno, Reverdito, Cascina Ballarin, and obviously Rivetto.

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The aforementioned companies have signed a policy to respect. Here it is:


Production policy:

The name “Nebbione” (registered trademark) is reserved for white
and rose sparkling wines obtained with bottled second fermentation
based on the conditions and requirements established in this production policy.
The policy is very important because through this document the
base rules are set for the production of Nebbione.
It was signed by all the producers of Nebbione, and
guarantees the following fundamental principles:

Only agricultural companies or co-ops
Seriousness in the cultivation and attentive selection of the bunch tips
Grape origins: exclusively from registered DOC and DOCG vine varieties
Vine origins: 100% Nebbiolo, only the healthy tip of the bunches
Soft pressing of the tips: create a maximum grape/must ratio of 55%
For the white base, removal of the must color via hyperoxygenation
Use of the bottled second fermentation method
Prolonged contact with yeast (minimum of 40 months)
Disgorging with a limited dosage (max of 3 g/l), only for Extra Brut
Maturation of the finished product (using a real cork) for at least 3 months

The duration of the yeast is longer compared to similar products on the market specifically to improve the final quality of every single bottle of Nebbione.

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I agree with the journalist Franco Ziliani, who insists that in order to produce high quality bubbling wines, you need to have serious intentions and that’s not so easy. We’re only at the beginning. We have great expectations, but we know that we’re at the start of the walk, which relates to the name of our spumanti, Kaskal. In ancient Sumerian it means: the road which leads to the king. This is my hope for the future – reaching as high as possible.

More on our sparkling wines later!

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