Unpleasant spring


The photo that you see above is the symbol of this spring.

This year, like last year, we find ourselves facing the beginning of a difficult season, where the level of attention in the vineyard is never lowered.

Nebbiolo bunch

Nebbiolo bunch

The heat has come in flashes. A lot of clouds and rain have intermittently followed one after the other, making parasitic defense more difficult. For now here in Loirano in Sinio, in San Bernardo, and in Briccolina in Serralunga, the situation is under control. However, another difficult disturbance is about to rain down this weekend.

WP_20150526_16_12_06_Pro copia

Until now we have been able to consider ourselves fortunate because we haven’t had problems with hail. My thoughts turn to my colleagues situated in Neive and between Monforte and Dogliani, where unfortunately some vineyards will not have a harvest this year.


IMG_2652 copia

However, don’t imagine a 2015 spring that’s as rainy as last year. We’ve definitely had annoying atmospheric conditions, but only due to short intermittent rains which fell on our hills.

IMG_2676 copia

The bunches have formed and the most delicate phase is at our backs, but we can’t lower our guard. Frequent monitoring in the vineyards has begun and will continue in order to indicate possible fungal hotbeds which could compromise our year.

I pray that the anticyclone will bring us continual sun and heat. We have no more need of cold and water until the end of the year!