A new beginning: Langhe Nascetta 2013 Borea


It took seven years of testing to produce the wine which I will talk about in this post.

In 2007 I planted the first rows of nascetta. In 2009 I turned it into wine for the first time. Since then we have experimented with different techniques year after year. It’s all Sergio Molino’s “fault”, enotechnician and friend, who has done and is still doing a lot for this vine variety, trying different interpretations to produce this interesting Langa white.

I wanted to make a white, but I wasn’t very sure about producing an international white wine. Sergio challenged me with the nascetta and I immediately accepted. I decided from the very beginning to plant it in the north, with the sure intention of working on the acidity, the freshness, the minerality, reminding me of the great white wines that come from northern Italy. Boreas is its name, named after the god of the north wind. I hope this particular wind will bring us closer to th