Not Like Last Year


Without a doubt, 2015 will be an early year, thanks mainly to the great summer heat combined with the strong humidity present in the subsoil due to the intense winter and spring rains. It’s still not possible to evaluate this year, but it definitely hasn’t been like the cold of 2014. In fact, July and the first 15 days of August reached a hot 37˚C.

Grappolo di barbera vigneto Zio Nando, dimensone ideale

A barbera bunch in the “Zio Nando” vineyard, ideal size

The barberas up to now have been developing very well, particularly as a result of the careful thinning which allows for consistent growth by eliminating possible bunches far from the shoot or by cutting off parts of the cluster, reducing the size and number. Barbera is a vine variety which loves the heat and it’s reacting very well. I’m optimistic.

Selezione dei grappoli di barbera vigneto "Zio Nando"

Selection of barbera bunches in the “Zio Nando” vineyard

The nebbiolo is ripening, but as always it’s the laziest of the vine varieties and it’ll be a good while before I can evaluate it. I noticed that the nebbiolos in more humid areas are farther ahead in the veraison, while as you can see in the photo, the high parts of the hills, which are notoriously thinner, are a bit farther behind.

Grappoli di nebbiolo siti a Sinio in fase di invaiatura

Nebbiolo bunches situated in Sinio in the veraison phase

Instead, the nascetta this year depresses me from a quantity point of view. There’s very little…Why? It’s difficult to understand this vine variety which is subject to alternate its production.

grappolo di nascetta

Nascetta bunch

In the photo below you can see a characteristic of this year: burns on the leaves. This can happen in well exposed vineyards as a result of dreary days followed by very hot ones.

Scottature su foglie

Burns on the leaves

The expected harvest for the dolcetto is the first week of September, so we’ll probably be two weeks early compared to a normal year. Anything can still happen. Hail is still a possibility. In the Asti area some real and proper disasters happened recently. From here to Lirano there was a light hail two weeks ago, but it didn’t have any noticeable negative effects.

Grandine su foglie di nebbiolo

Effects of hail on nebbiolo leaves

This week new weather systems are approaching, but hail…stay away!!