2015 Harvest – A pleasure to experience

The 2015 harvest ended with exhilaration and satisfaction for all the producers in Langa, Piedmont, and perhaps even all of Italy.

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It didn’t start well. The rainy ghosts of 2014 hovered for the entire spring, but then summer took care of everything. A lot of the water which had accumulated in our clay guaranteed a steady supply for the hot summer months. Ripening was still normal, even if it started very early. In some ways this year was similar to 2007.

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A simple millesime from an interpretive point of view. A year with very few cool days and the hot weather into September prevented our land from soaking up water, creating that bothersome (and wonderful at the same time) mud.

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For the nebbiolo I predict a soft mature tannin, a wine which will generally have a big fruity component. Compared to hot years, it won’t have an exaggerated and invasive alcohol level.

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An interesting particularity is the pedicel. Normally it becomes red when the grape is very ripe, depending on the variety, but it’s difficult to see on a barbera and almost impossible with a nebbiolo. Instead you could see a lot of reddening this year on that specific part of the plant.

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I think 2015 has been a pleasant year to experience as much as it will be to appreciate in the glass. The wines will be pleasing and balanced from the beginning. They won’t need a lot of time to be appreciated. We didn’t get the classic nebbiolo weather. The grape ripened 15-20 days earlier than normal. Just think, at my company we began harvesting the 1st of September and we finished the 3rd of October.

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The barbera, which had big problems in 2014, redeemed itself greatly this year. The power of fruit and intensity characterize this wine.

The early arrival of this harvest has given us valuable time for preparing the land for winter. Sowing barley and clover, tilling the rows, aerating the subsoil. These will be fundamental for beginning 2016 on the right foot.

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I’ll end by saying that this is the kind of year that every producer would like every year. Far from me to complain, even if, knowing nebbiolo, it would have preferred a few more cooler days… Happy Autumn!