Foto con ombra

I was waiting this moment for nearly two decades: to have a label and a package that exactly reflect the company, my way of being and my philosophy. So far I was not happy and I felt a distance between the image of my labels and the essence of my company.

Revolutions are made in a day, but managing a situation that leads to results takes much longer. An old sage told me that the most important decisions in life are taken between 30 and 40 years so I am perfectly on time.

The change of labels reflects some points on which we will work and we will develop in the next future; I always had the presumption to know the direction where to go, but not the way to walk, so this picture and the 2016 symbolize a new start.

This new beginning has solid foundations that stem from past experiences: the evolution will enable us to launch out into new projects, ideas and adventures.

I will never forget that all this is possible thanks to wine, which is and always will be the main product and which inspired my change.

I introduce you my superhero: Barbera d’Alba Zio Nando with the power of the fruit, Langhe Nascetta Borea with its mineral freshness,  the Barolo of Serralunga d’Alba with distinct territoriality, Barolo Leon Riserva and his strength of aging, Barolo Briccolina marked by finesse and elegance, Kaskal classic method that turns the noble nebbiolo in vibrant energy.