He who loves me, follows me. He who loves me not..

Evolution. Not reset.

My new beginning makes me inevitably start to think of another type of Langa company, less monocultural and more biodiverse. I know that removing a vineyard to plant potatoes and carrots seems absurd, but if we look at the company from another perspective extrapolated from economic advantage, it’s more than normal. The company is not just a vineyard – is it more. I want to work side-by-side with an essentially wine-based reality, with other cultivations that enrich the biodiversity of the area.

The foundations of this beginning, like most, are set in the ground: maximum attention and respect for the soil, production, following an idea of organic – not on paper but in reality, integrated with biodynamic concepts, trying to reach a viticulture not characterized by names or nicknames, but doing well by the vineyard and ourselves.

Another important point is to obtain company independence from water and energy. Easy to say but something else to make happen, but this is the future objective. Rivetto wine cannot represent only the expression of the vineyard and the company, but of a way of thinking and, why not, a way of life.

The area where I live is a model for many other Italian wine areas. I hope one day to be an example to young winemakers: to be an example full of pride as well as empowerment.

He who loves me, follows me. He who does not… is screwed!!!