Ready for spring

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I have the sensation that we are about to face a year of great unpredictability. We began 2016 with almost summer-like temperatures at the Epiphany. Afterwards, winter took one last stand with two good snowfalls, the last of which was 17 March. The snow melted after a few days and made way for rain. The water which didn’t come in the winter found us again at the beginning of spring.

Ultima nevicata 17 Marzo 2016

The last snowfall 17 March 2016

Spring has definitely begun. The annual Prowein fair in Dusseldorf is over, so I can focus my attention on the vineyard, especially on a new biodiversity project that we’ll showcase in the future.

24 marzo

24 March

Prowein in Dusseldorf 2016

Prowein in Dusseldorf 2016

Il pianto della vite, significa che la pianta si sta svegliando

A weeping vine means that the plant is waking up

This year will be characterized by the installation of two new vineyards in Sinio: one nebbiolo and the other nascetta. There’s a lot of work to do and most of it will take place from April to June, like always.

Germogliamento del nebbiolo

Budding nebbiolo

Budding has begun and as usual we have to watch out for noctuids, little worms that feed on soft buds and are capable of eating entire vineyards. What can you do? Grab a flashlight and collect them by hand at night. Once the buds are bigger, the threat will be gone.

Una nottua che si è appaena mangiata la gemma di nebbiolo

A noctuid that just ate a nebbiolo bud

The latest news of spring 2016 is the new bottle packaging. Here are a few examples…

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Nematodi buoni

The effort to respect the territory which began seven years ago can be seen thanks to the repopulation of roundworms in the subsoil