Cold danger


Once again I find myself talking to you about the bizarre weather. After having a very warm winter and snow at the end of March, naturally the end of April and beginning of May had some of the coldest days I can remember. Looking at the table below, you can understand what kind of stress our vines are undergoing this year, especially the three degrees Celsius on the night of 25 April.

Schermata 2016-05-05 alle 12.50.51

Consider that luckily the site where I own the the vineyard plots is 400 meters above sea level. This condition limits the frosts to valley floors and colder valleys. Less fortunate is anyone from Asti who has been subjected to damages because of these unexpected atmospheric conditions.

Schermata 2016-05-05 alle 13.03.37

We are noticing yellowing in the recently-born bud leaves. There’s nothing to worry about because the plant’s energy is great and will help encourage growth quickly, but obviously there is less physiological development.

Now, while I’m writing to you, I really need… to light a fire in the company of “Zio Nando”. Ciao ciao :)