Primordial future


Sometimes when creating a new wine, deciding to plant a new vineyard, creating something that’s in your head, weighing pros and cons, making and unmaking – the project starts to appear only after hundreds of ideas or attempts.

Nothing like this happened for the first nebbiolo created entirely in a container of terracotta. Curiosity pushed me. Intuition. Foolishness. I didn’t think, I simply played, enjoying myself without thinking. Nebbiolo collected in Sinio in the vineyard placed on the top of the Lirano hill, 50 percent de-stemmed, spontaneously fermented in the 400-liter Florentine jar purchased from the kilns of Manetti – which is also a notable producer of a Chianti known as Fontodi. Once the larger dregs were removed, the maceration lasted 8-9 months. The role of people is reduced to a minimum. A small addition of sulfur in pre-bottling preserved the oxidation. I presented this experimental wine during Collisioni in Barolo to buyers from all over the world together with my esteemed guest producers – who are also using the urns in winemaking. Producers such as Fontodi, Fattorie Le Pupille, and Tenuta Castelbuono.


The wine is correct, a bit extreme, not perfect as far as wines go. A mix between the difficult yet very fine 2014 and the explosive 2015. It recalls old nebbiolos, but without bad odor. Very clean and whole. Worth trying.

This wine was born thanks to the need for all of humanity to “go back” to ancient solutions, a way to say that technology is exaggerated at times. This product doesn’t have any ambitions. It’s simply a message, an attempt, an instant of not thinking – but makes you think right from the first sip.


Still a small detail is needed in order to complete that concept of folly, game, entertainment – the packaging: the front was designed by a 7-year-old and the back is a way to make fun of wine legislation – which is very ridiculous at times…