Kaskal Act II


The first year of our nebbiolo-based bubbly wine has arrived. Last year, which was year zero, was pure experimentation. Now instead we are refining the technique, understanding the potential of our variety in this spumante version. The blend is mostly 2011 with a small part of 2010. The yeast took 45 months to work and the degorgement was at the end of spring 2016. Finer compared to the previous version, more immediately understandable, but always maintaining the acidic distinctiveness of the tips of the bunch. Extra brut, without dosage, a spumante with very fine effervescence, a product that is more wine than bubbles. A product which can be appreciated with any plate. It is recommended to serve it in glasses which are wide at the base.



The production this year is starting to be a bit more impressive, reaching 2,000 bottles and for the first time we’re offering it in magnum and double magnum. The tendency to make nebbiolo into a spumante is growing and the studies continue. There’s still a long way to go, but nebbiolo will astound you in this version.