Any more Boreas than this and…


Boreas is the god of north wind in Greek mythology, exactly why my inspiration for this wine is the exaltation of its freshness, acidity, and salinity. Which year, if not 2014, represents this concept? 2014 perfectly follows the conditions of high latitudes; a cool summer, not cold, quite rainy. Not having enough confidence in this variety, I had expected a disastrous year, especially because we planted this variety with a northern exposure. I have been proven wrong, despite all my predictions. It was the most beautiful grape visually and very healthy along with some varieties of nebbiolo. Compared to 2013, we have a year that shows us its fragrance and drinkability in a thousandth of a second of great elegance and finesse. Refinement and batonnage in a cement pyramid helps us to enhance the mineral part. White peach, lime, and black pepper alternate with sage and oregano to highlight the aromatic complexity of this unique 2014.

The launch is expected at the end of the summer with a screw top that give us high guarantees on oxidation.