2016, what a beauty!


The optimism in the air has become a reality. I can calmly affirm that 2016, in the end, is a year of excellent value. Sometimes people wait to say such things out of superstition. They think it, but they don’t say it. However, I now believe that this year has been more than great for everyone, whether in qualitative terms or quantitative, obviously excluding areas hits by strong hail this summer.

Nebbiolo appena pigiato

Spring wasn’t as easy as I remembered in previous posts, but the summer and a wonderful September sped up the ripening, which allowed a lot of varieties to be ready for harvesting during the same stretch of time. This year the majority of the work fell towards the end of September and beginning of October, harvesting in perfect conditions on dry soil. If I remember correctly, the last rainfall was more than 40 days ago!


I came upon perfect skins, with amazing extractions of color and polyphenols, with spontaneous yeast activity. The only alarming detail was the a high alcoholic proof. Following such a dry year, the concentrations of sugars was very high, so it will not be difficult to find nebbiolo and barbera wines at 15.5%.


These particular vintages are considerably easy in a certain sense, without any particular problem in the cellar. Everything is proceeding without a hitch, with vintages that might seem a bit boring for a wine technician, but I don’t think anyone will complain :)


The winery is now in total fermentation, however it’ll be at least a month or two before we can have a quality and sensory confirmation of such a sensational year.

A happy harvest to everyone!