Pekinese cuisine

I have always been quite demandingly picky about food and I have never really experimented a lot with international cuisine. I must however admit that in China I have eaten well and have never felt my stomach to be heavy after eating. The food experience in China has been very interesting, and enrichingly so. The following are some photos of dishes which I have appreciated to a greater or lesser degree.

Grilled jumbo prawns: truly excellent

Tofu salad with mint leaves: ok

Small pieces of pork: extra spicy

Really extra spicy sea kelp, which they say does you good … but very hard to eat …

Fish fillet: good

King soup … fat, fat and more fat … made from the fat of different animals: sickening

Stuffed rice balls: excellent

The north’s cuisine, that of Peking, is heavier than that of the south, that of Canton, due to the enormous climatic difference between the two regions. I think the the north is more suited to drinking red longer-aged tannin wines. Barolo would therefore fit in very well here. I have eaten everything on offer, but there is one dish which was very hard work to digest. It is typically Pekinese and is called dou zhi which even the Chinese have difficulty in eating … Look at the video clip and if anyone has had the same experience as I had, just let me know!