Continuous evolution


One day in the spring of 2009, I was walking through the vineyard and suddenly an irritating odor went straight to my head: the typical smell of systemic pesticide. I had smelled this odor many times before, but never as intense as that day.

Everything began there.


I had to look for an alternative way to work the vineyard with less chemical violence and more attention to the plants. I tasted extreme wines that I didn’t like, but I appreciated their sincerity. Some attracted me, others made me think, others disgusted me. My meeting with Ruggero Mazzilli (organic agronomist) changed my perspective: the same views about the winery that had changed when I approached Sergio Molino (enologist) in long ago 2002.

Seven years have passed since that meeting: slowly I discovered a parallel world that I hadn’t known existed before.


Over a series of circumstances, I distanced myself from the world of wine in order to explore different agricultural realities. If you live in Langa, everyone has wine and Barolo on the brain. Everything from behavior to decisions consciously and unconsciously revolve around them. The ultimate goal is always economic gain. Estimates of terrain valued at one million a hectare. You hear about how one guy bought it, perhaps not, perhaps he’d like to. Maybe, but in the end it’s always money.
After working out an actual organic method for the vineyard and winning over the support of my helpers, now the moment has arrived to create a business that has the same distinct personality, that is self-sufficient, that tries to adjust itself, that is based on a balanced landscape.



Therefore in 2015 I began to remove vines, plant trees, create gardens, restore wells, creating modern vineyards which share space with other varieties of plants, herbs, vegetables, and shrubbery.
My wine will with become, with time, representative of business diversity.

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The meetings with Cristina Marello (master organic agronomist) and Stefano Vegetabile (biodynamic agronomist and master breadmaker) helped me grow and continue to do so, guaranteeing a future full of projects and change. Wine will be the means to explain an emotion. An experience. A path.

Wine will communicate an idea in continuous evolution.