copia-di-img_4977-copiaWelcome to my small corner of conscience.

We have removed 10,000 meters of vines and replanted forest trees, planted over 100 fruit tree varieties that are old and resistant. We have planted old varieties of grain. We have built a greenhouse and a garden that is both organic and biodynamic. We have created a compost area. We have created an eco-vineyard which contains small forest oases and alternating rows of aromatic herbs. We are carrying out a project to restore old wells and capture rain water. copia-di-img_9543-copia Here there’s a century of history; suffering, blood, but also beauty, modernity, foresight, and intuition.

Organic and biodynamic are only a means and not an end.

I don’t know the way, but I do know the direction. It’s clear and well-defined.img_2298-copia My name is Enrico Rivetto and I am here to accompany my small world with a shining madness towards a revival of balance.schermata-2017-01-06-alle-23-15-51

Biodynamic power in a compost pile

Biodynamic power in a compost pile

Wine will be the means to explain these emotions. An experience, a path. Wine will express the idea of continuous evolution.img_4327-copia Wine represents everything. There’s imagination in its smell. In its taste there’s the wind of change. You all will decide the rest.img_4346-copia