Langhe Nascetta 2015, your moment has arrived!

2015 is the year when I suspect when the vineyard planted in 2007 may have qualitative awareness. This is demonstrated in the olfactory and taste intensity of the wondrous and mysterious native Langa variety, nascetta.

As usual we’ll start to commercialize the nascetta at the end of summer, letting it age a year and a half in cement containers. 2015 was considered a hot year, well balanced by the north-northwest exposure which let us preserve the freshness and acidity, blending them into its excellent structure. The pleasing element is the citrus smell. My goal is to evaluate the development and evolution of nascetta over the years; based on my experience, everything will take off in 2018, when it will be possible to appreciate the vegetable and grassy aromas, similar to a very decanted riesling of 1800s French enologists.

I suggest tasting our Langhe Nascetta Borea 2015 after the nebbiolos or reds in general. It’s unusual, but you’ll see how your palette will be cleansed, refreshed, and and relaxed with the pleasing mineral acidity of this incredible native white.