Water: real wealth

Hot, dry, strong sun exposure. It’s already become the climate’s tendency to undergo long periods without water, but I believe that 2017 has beaten all records.

After a few years of study, I decided to restore our old well down by the hill of Lirano. It was used in the ‘70s with the great effort undertaken by my father to irrigate corn and other crops.


80 meters deep, 200 meters of underground tubes, tanks, and combined use with the pre-existing pond. A renovation project like this has never been more useful than this year.

The sensation of clean water that flows from the earth during a dry spell has an absolute fascination over anyone who sees it.

Be like water. With no obstacle, water runs. If it finds a dam, then it stops. The dam collapses, it runs once more. In a square container, it is square. In a round container, it is round. This is why water is more indispensable than any other thing. Nothing is more adaptable than water. And when it falls on the soil, persistently, nothing is stronger than it.
Lao Tzu