Where is wine made?

When I was a child it was said that wine “was made in the winery”. When I was 20 they said that wine “was made in the vineyard”. Now that I’m 40, who knows where you make wine?

I believe that wine is made in your head. The company ego is what determines the company’s essence at various levels. Together with its choices, it influences the quality of products which the earth provides and seeks to create unity of objectives with those who work for the sake of the business.

The driver influences with its way of being the approach and the subconscious perception of wine and everything around it: there’s a force, an energy that emanates and is channeled by the transformations of the earth. Wine is like the painter’s brush, the instrument that allows the company consciousness to express itself.


I began to cultivate different crops among the vines to train myself to think differently, in a parallel way, to accumulate experience that can give me more tools for facing the future.




To understand how to nurture the earth, we must train ourselves how to do it. We are trying.