It’s time for the horn manure

Biodynamic field preparations produce a qualitative, but not quantitative, support for the agricultural organism. The vines weave energy from the sun as well as materials from the soil. The life force and dynamic equilibriums that project from the vines to the winery, and eventually in the glass, are powerful and at the same time fragile. Field preparation 500, also known as the horn manure, expresses the regenerative force of the winter sun, important in conveying the cyclic renewal to the agricultural soil that is necessary for coping with the agronomic and productive force that is called upon it. The soil needs to collaborate with all forms of life that it hosts in order to support the work of our vines. We remove the horn manure from the case for field preparations and we place it in well water. In doing so, we transfer information from a solid matrix to a liquid vehicle. Afterwards we remove the liquid and we administer it to the soil of our vineyards, distributing it in large drops on every surface. We undertake this operation multiple times during the year, based on precise climate and astronomical conditions. We watch our vines carry out their work and we help them to do it well.