Where is spring?

The level of our small lake is at a record high

Thanks to the law of natural compensation, after having a terribly dry 2017, we find ourselves about to have a decidedly rainy spring start, that was predated by a freezing winter rich in snow.

This amount of water is definitely well received. The terrain is soaking it up and regenerating, but we also have various risks to evaluate:

  • The humidity of the terrain activates fungal spores, therefore we expect very early attacks and we will have to be timely to intervene as soon as the buds and temperatures are optimal for disease.
  • Fieldwork is building up due to the annoying and intermittent rains.
  • Grass management will be important, limiting it quickly with mowing. Here the barley and clover between the rows will help to absorb excess water.
  • Be on the lookout for small landslides.

Budding nebbiolo vine at the Briccolina site in Serralunga d’Alba

As you can see from the photos taken at Briccolina, despite the adverse weather the plants are still growing, budding, and wanting to grow – and we, as always, will accompany them on this journey.