Wet spring

There are essentially two issues with spring 2018: rain and manpower.

As you can see from the graph, the blue columns represent the rain for the last month. Notice both the increased frequency and intensity. This fact will cause constant and continuous infections in our vineyard from fungi, especially downy mildew. We’re at maximum alert. The incessant rains make it difficult to get into the vineyard with mechanical means. Therefore, we must intervene more than once by hand to apply preventative treatments.

The manual jobs are starting to slow both because the vegetation is growing incessantly thanks to the water in the soil and because the available manpower is always more scarce. Specialized workers run out whenever the demand from agricultural companies is highest. The weather doesn’t help and the work is building up. Another difficult point is the Macedonian workers, historical colonists among our hills, are leaving space to people coming over from Africa who have a greater difficulty understanding vine cultivation.


We have our extremely positive points like the high percentage of engraftment with the newly-planted vines, along with the apple and oak trees that continue to enrich our company with diverse vegetation. If you come to Langa, you’ll be attracted to the marvelous panoramas, with intense greens that seem more intense this year. Bring cameras because it’s worth immortalizing the beauty of our hills this season.