Bugs everywhere!

The rainy spring has complicated life for our fruit trees, in both our garden and greenhouse. The constant high humidity has facilitated the development of fungi and red spider mites as well as terrible aphids that destroy leaves and thus the plant’s ability to grow.


To contain the numbers of these small and annoying bugs, we typically use natural insecticides such as neem oil and Beauveria bassiana (a fungus that grows inside the insect, killing it). However this year conditions are too favorable for the aphids, therefore we have placed our trust in predator insects. There are parasitoids on the market able to fly in and exterminate all the aphids present in a restricted environment like our greenhouse. This is the third time I’ve had to use them and I must say that the results are great. The only catch is that you need to repeat the process multiple times to ensure that the work is completely done. We’ll continue like this on the road to a vineyard without synthetic products and with complete respect for the environment.